Associazione Centro Musicale Orlandini

Mission and vision

The association CENTRO MUSICALE ORLANDINI (ACMO) was founded in 2011 with the aim of spreading musical culture, providing children, teenagers and adults with the chance for socialization and personal growth and long-life learning, for enriching the cultural offer of the territory, encouraging the sense of belonging to the community and boosting the inclusion of all subjects, especially those at greatest risk of marginalization. To this purpose, ACMO pays particular attention to ensemble music and uses, in addition to traditional individual lessons, also didactic approaches aimed at dialogue and exchange between teachers and students, such as workshops and laboratories and between different generations, by means of theatre pieces and musicals involving three generations. From the very beginning the association promoted and applied the so named “inclusive learning methodologies” to guarantee the access to music and art to people with any kind of disability.

The offer

The association has highly qualified and passionate teachers in its team (with degrees from the best national conservatories), who guarantee a high educational level. Proof of this is the steadily increasing number of members and above all the musical skills of our students, some of whom winners of competitions and admitted to music schools and conservatories. Currently, the association counts 150 associated students of all ages, most aged between 6 and 25 years, and about twelve teachers. ACMO offers courses of music theory, singing (classic, pop and jazz), instruments (e.g. piano, flute, violin, clarinet, drums, guitar both classic and electric, electric bass, etc). Moreover, the association organizes courses of rock and pop music (appreciated especially by adolescents), rock workshops, theatre and musical for kids, teenagers and adults, first education on opera for kids of the primary school, body-percussion and music propaedeutic for pre-school kids (3-6).
ACMO cooperates with several public primary and secondary schools in Ancona for teaching instruments and music for the expansion of the music teaching offer in public schools, because music is not included in the curriculum of the formal education in Italy. Furthermore, the association organizes students and teachers' concerts and performances in the most meaningful places in the city and in collaboration with volunteer associations to raise funds, especially in Summer time and at Christmas.

The organization

The association is administered by a board elected by the members. The Board elects the President and the Artistic Director. The Board, among the other duties, approves the admission of members, elaborates the plan of cultural activities (such as the performances, essays and concerts of their students) and teaching activities (for example, the length of the individual instrument lessons, the remuneration of the teachers and the amount of the membership fee).
The Artistic Director selects the teachers and organizes shows, public performances and music lessons and then reports his/her proposals to the Board of Directors which discusses and implements them.
Members assembly take place twice a year for approving the activity plan and the economic report, and every time it is needed. The Board is constantly in touch with members and manage single students’ educational, psychological and social needs.

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